3 Best Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Out of all the Indian actress Katrina Kaif is that one actress who acquires such beautiful and attractive features and looks extremely gorgeous on screen in almost every role which is given to her both with and without makeup. She has this flawless complexion which makes us wonder as to what she slithers on her face which gives her a flawless, glowing and radiant look.


Well there is a proper routine which Katrina Kaif follows and it is these simple beauty tips which have bestowed upon her the gift of ravishing beauty. In one of her interviews she revealed the best Katrina Kaif beauty tips and secrets; and I must say these tips are so simple and easy if one wants to try them.

Just as she told we recorded the Katrina Kaif’s beauty tips and fitness secrets. These tips have been listed below:

Best Katrina Kaif Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Best Katrina Kaif Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

1.Exercise Routine:
The reason behind Katrina Kaif’s beautiful figure is her routine exercise. She does yoga on a regular basis because of which she now has a properly toned and sexy figure. There are many celebrity fitness trainers such as Yasmin Karachiwala which trains her for the various exercises.

katrina kaif natural beauty tips

Katrina also told that she also does the core and the Ab exercise. The Ab exercises include swimming, jogging, gymming and iso planks exercise.

2.Beauty Routine:
As far as her beauty routine is concerned she starts caring for her skin from the moment she wakes till the moment she sleeps. She properly cleanses her face before she heads off for bed and removes all her makeup using the Shu Uemura oil for skin cleansing. After this she applies the night cream of La Prairie.

katrina kaif beauty and fitness secrets

Then the next morning she starts off by washing her face with Mene and Moy face wash while using Lancome Cleansing milk for her eyes and face. And at days when she wants to lay back and relax she uses a mud mask for soothing her skin by Anne Semoin.

3.HairCare during Shooting Film:

Katrina manages to get sleek and shiny hair by making use of conditioner by Kiehl’s Leave-in. when it comes to soothing her hair she makes use of the Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil.

katrina kaif fitness secrets

Now since she has to work in a lot of films so she gets her hair done with heat applicators but she always makes use of a heat protectant before she exposes her hair to the heat applicators and later puts hair serum on to them. And when she’s going a private party she simply blow dries her locks.

These beauty tips can help you in getting flawless beauty like Katrina Kaif.


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