5 Homemade Beauty Tips For Face To Get Beautiful Face in Winter

Our face needs more attention as it is the most exposed part of our body. Facial skin experiences all the wear and tear due to this polluted environment. That is why you need some beauty tips for face in winter.Here are some homemade beauty tips for face which you can use this winter to get beautiful face and skin. 🙂

5 Homemade Beauty Tips For Face in winter


Pimples on face are the common problem with young skin. For this cleansing of the skin is very important. You can made your own toner and scrub for cleansing at home. For scrub take flour, honey, milk and mix all three ingredients to make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and keep it until it dries out. Then dip your fingertips in milk and scrub your face with gentle hands. Doing it forcefully will cause rashes on the skin. This will opens the blocked pores and remove all the dirt and dead skin and gives you the fresh look. After scrubbing, wash your face with Luke warm water and apply toner made at home with marigold flower. Boil 500g marigold flower with 1 liter water and store this after boiling in a bottle. Apply this water daily after scrubbing with the cotton. Its antiseptic quality removes bacteria which causes pimples.

Homemade beauty tips for face

It is very important to take care of your face in winter.


When we talk about the care of the face it’s not like just caring for facial skin. Our eyes are also included. Sparkling eyes makes you look beautiful.
Put rose water in a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge all the time. It should be kept chilled. Spray your eyes daily with rose water. You can also do it three or four times a day. Rose water helps cleansing eyes and relaxes eye muscles. There will be no puffy eyes with its daily use. Your eyes will gain natural shine.
You can also do this eye massage to avoid puffy eyes. Take cleansing milk and massage your eyes daily before going to bed. Use your ring finger for massage and do it first clockwise then anti-clockwise. After that clean your eyes with the help of cloth and tap with fingers gently under eyes. This massage also relaxes eyes and make them sparkling.


Here is another homemade beauty tip for the face to remove tan skin. Sun darkens our complexion. It is the important issue faced by working person. Take crushed papaya. Add half teaspoon lemon juice and milk powder to it. Make a paste, apply it on the tan areas and leave it for few minutes then wash your face with water. Milk and Papaya have agents that lighter the skin tone. While lemon juice works as an antiseptic and cures skin burns due to sun rays.
You can also make a mask for fair complexion at home. Take barleys flakes; mix it with honey, milk powder and turmeric powder. Apply this paste on face and keep it for 15 minutes then wash your face with Luke warm water. Turmeric repairs the damaged skin while milk and honey make your skin fair. You will get clear spotless skin.


Removing blackheads with baking soda is the simplest homemade tip. Take two tablespoons of baking soda and make a paste with the help of mineral water. Apply this paste on the blackheads affected areas and leave it to dry, and then wash with the water. Repeat this procedure twice a week and you will get rid of blackheads.


Apart from applying externally these homemade beauty tips for face some internal care should also be keep in mind. Water is a medium that helps to purify the blood and if our blood is healthy and clean from toxins then our skin will look healthy. Especially our face reveals our good and bad health. So drink a lot of water to release toxins out of your body. Drink fresh juices and eating fruits like melon, apple, and orange gives freshness to face.

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