Best DIY Body Scrub Recipes for your Face, Body & Feet

Today we are sharing some recipes of homemade body scrubs which will help you to keep your body clean, smooth and baby soft like never before and all this with purely natural ingredients and directly natural stuff.

Today in this world every one specially girls and ladies wants to look beautiful and glowing for all this they don’t even care about how much money and bugs they are spending over it, but some of them can’t afford for these services to pay heavy amount so for them and for those as well who spend unlimited bugs on beauty clinics and spa saloons, so that every single girl and lady should catch beauty which is her born right.

Starting from very basic and very much working body scrub for clean and soft skin which is made up from sugar, probably using brown sugar will be best for this scrub.

Sugar Scrub Recipe

Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe

So all what you have to do to make this brown sugar scrub for soft skin you have to take

about 4 cups of brown sugar
half cup of honey
1/3 cup of lemon juice
¼ cup of olive oil

what you have to do is grind a brown sugar bar till it forms a powder shape and mix honey, olive oil and lemon juice in to it mix it well and put it into a glass jar and cover it with lid, this is a best scrub you should use for smooth, soft and clean skin you can use this sugar scrub till month.

Almond Body Scrub Recipe

Almond Body Scrub Recipe

Moving on another scrub for healthy and soft skin which is easiest of all and made from purely natural and vastly available products what you have to do is:

take about 4 table spoons of aloe-Vera gel
2 tea spoons of almond crushed
1 tea spoon of sugar

Mix all ingredients finely and ally on face till it dry properly then wash it without soap with tap water you will see the great difference

Salt Body Scrub Recipe

Salt Body Scrub Recipe

Here is one more recipe for home made body scrub in which all you need is:

1 cup bitter ground paste
2 tea spoon olive oil
¼ tea spoon of rock salt

Mix all these ingredients finely and apply on face with round motion till neck, this scrub is best anti aging and anti bacterial scrub which will take you away from all allergies and bacteria from your face.
these were some best of all homemade face scrubs for healthy and glowing, acne free skin which will help you to get baby soft skin.

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