Homemade Beauty Tips For Whitening Skin

Our skin color reduces a few tones whenever we step outside our homes because of the blazing sun. But we can’t stay inside a shade for a long time. So the question is how to protect our skin color from fading away? The good news is that, by following simple homemade beauty tips for skin whitening we can achieve a fair skin tone without any side effects. So here are some homemade tips and recipes to enrich and enhance your beauty.
Tip 1
Oranges are good and of great value for your skin as they help in the skin whitening. Take some oranges and dry their peels by putting them under sunlight. Once they get dried, make a fine powder of it by grinding them. Now make a fine paste by adding some milk to this powder. After this procedure apply this face pack on your face and then wait until it dries. Then wash your face with slightly warm water.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Whitening Skin

Homemade Beauty Tips for Whitening Skin

Tip 2
Mix sandal wood powder, tomato juice, cucumber juice and lemon juice together and make a fine paste. Now an excellent skin whitening face pack is ready. Apply it on your face, and then wait for it to get dried.
 Tip 3
Mix lemon juice, honey and milk powder. To this mixture add some almond oil. Apply this face pack on your face and then after 10 minutes wash it off. It will not only help in whitening your skin, but will also bring a shine on your face.
Tip 4
Mix gram flour, turmeric powder, and milk along with some lemon juice, then make a fine paste and spread it all over on your skin. Leave it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes.  Scrub it off when it gets dried completely and then wash your face with warm water.
Tip 5
You need to take some almonds and have to soak them overnight. Peel them and then grind them the next morning, in order to make a fine paste. In the next step add some honey to it and apply this effective face pack on your skin. It will make your face glowing and whiter.
Tip 6
Mix equal quantities of Tulsi, fresh mint, neem and coriander leave. Leave this paste for 20 minutes on your face then wash it off.
Tip 7
Take rose water and soak some peanuts and almonds in it and then leave it overnight. Grind them the next morning. Apply this mixture on your face then leave it on your face for 30 minutes. After this, wash it with cold water. You should repeat this procedure once in 15 days.

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