How to Apply Foundation for Asian Skin

It is very important to get perfect basics before applying makeup for Asian Skin. Are you thinking about the basis of Asian Makeup? Yes, of course this is foundation. If you do not have any idea about the application of foundation for Asian Skin in right way then no problem. You need not to be worried about it. If you are doing struggle with the applying foundation in natural way then just be relax. It is a common problem.

Here we are giving you the idea about how to apply foundation for Asian skin. The most important thing is that look for the perfect which suits you and match with your skin. Take proper time to apply it in right way and get best foundation for your further makeup.

Right Foundation Color

Right Foundation Color

As the above, foundation is the basis for your entire makeup. Make sure that your face is a blank canvas and choose a foundation that exactly matches with your skin tone. Go to the nearer cosmetics market and try different shades of foundation on your skin and buy one that matches with your skin tone without blending. Yellow tone foundation is best for Asian skin.

Choose Medium

Foundation Medium

Foundation comes in various varieties of textures ad mediums including compact powders, loose powders, liquids, creams and aerosols. Look for the most comfortable and realistic looks on your skin.

Use the Right Tools

Use the Right Tools

Apply foundation with the right tools. It is very important. Putting foundation with fingers allows perfectness and better blending. This is one of the best means of makeup application with gentle touch. With this you can also get sophisticated look.

Prepare Your Face

applying foundation

Before applying foundation, it is necessary to add some smoothness first. For getting smooth skin, moisturizing is a best tool. Wash your face with cleanser and then massage with facial moisturizer. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then start applying foundation.

Apply Pre-Foundation Makeup

Apply Pre-Foundation Makeup

Add primer in little amount on your face and smooth your skin. You can also apply the concealer to hide your marks or dark circles.

Apply Foundation

How To Apply Foundation

No matter, if your foundation is in liquid, cream or powder form. You must apply it first in the center part of your face. And then apply near your nose and cheek and bit on your forehead.

Blend Foundation Well

Blend Foundation Well

It is very important to blend foundation in proper way. Use appropriate tool to blend your foundation around face. Make sure to blend it smoothly and apply in proper way into your hairline and neck. Apply thin layer first on your skin and then manage it if required.

Take Second Run

How to Apply Foundation for Asian Skin

If you got particular uneven skin like dark spots, acne marks, or dark circles under eyes then take second run carefully. It is best to use a concealer brush to conceal your facial marks and spots. After applying it, blend it well to hide your uneven skin.

Finish Touch to Your Facial Foundation

Facial Foundation

If you think that something is missing and you need more blending then finish up by setting foundation carefully with the setting of powder. Apply the matte or translucent powder that will keep your foundation perfect and for long time. This powder will also prevent you from oily skin.

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