How to Cut, Trim, & Shape Your Own Hair in V Shape

It gets easy for you when you learn to trim or cut your own hair and know exactly how to shape them. This is because these hair salons are getting very pricy and lets face it we all do need to get our hair trimmed every month and paying so much money every month will be hard on our pockets and yes it is not affordable.


You must learn how to cut your hair in a V shape as this gives your hair the perfectly trimmed look. You might think it is very difficult but once you find out as to how to cut, trim and shape your own hair into V shape you would feel independent and it will be so much better for both you and your pocket.

Let us take a look at how to cut, trim and shape your own hair into a V shape by making use of the following tips:

How to Cut, Trim, & Shape Your Own Hair in V Shape

How to Cut, Trim, & Shape Your Own Hair in V Shape

1.The very first which you must do before anything it detangle your hair. Once you get rid of all the tangles you need to divide your hair into two sections. With section carrying equal amount of hair on each side of your head.

2.You can take help from a ponytail holder to divide your hair into sections.

3.Now you need to comb the section of hair which is loose, so comb it and place it on your shoulder past your chest. The hair must be combed straight forward your head which is great for a V shaped cut. Then you can tilt your head accordingly for the different types of cuts you want. You can get a medium V shaped cut by tilting your head to the back and face the ceiling to get a deep V shaped cut.

4.At this point you should collect all of your hair and hold them with your pointer finger and the middle finger and with the other finger you should hold the scissors. Now slightly slide the fingers on your hair to the point where you need to cut your hair.

5.Once you have done that hold the ends of your hair very firmly and be very careful about not letting the hair slide out of your hands and bring all these ends of hair close to the line of sight right before you are about to cut the hair.

6.Now you can trim your hair. This entire process can be repeated for the rest of your hair.

7.After you are done you must take all your hair and gather them on one side and comb them and look for strands which are longer than the rest and then cut them out.

Thus you will get trimmed and properly shaped hair without spending a huge amount of money.

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