Makeup Tricks to Get Beautiful at Home

Makeup and females are inseparable. Females spend a lot of money in purchasing latest makeup products. With the changing trends and introduction of new ways of doing make up the competition increases, every female try to adopt innovative makeup styles to look gorgeous and up to date. Here are 10 makeup beauty hacks and tricks you need to know for getting the modern and stunning look.

1. Mark the contouring parts of your face

Contouring is not done only with brown shade; white is also used to give highlights on the parts where it is needed. The perfect balance and placement of lights and darks give your face a perfect cut. For darks use brown or Auburn gel eye pencil and mark the contouring parts which have to be dark. Gel eye pencil is very soft and smudges easily. These parts include area under cheekbones, along the hair line, sides of the forehead, jaw bones and on the sides of your nose. Then use a cream highlighter for highlights on the center of your forehead, central nose line, middle of the chin and under your eyes. Blend the brown and light shades and you will get a perfect contouring that makes you love your face.

Mark the contouring parts of your face

2. To apply base cream smoothly

The base cream should be applied smoothly and evenly to have a clean perfect look. For this pat your face with wet fingers and then apply base cream with the help of cotton plug or face puff. Use light hands to blend the cream. Wait for half an hour until the base cream settles on face than do the further makeup. This gives you fresh look with an even base coat.

To apply base cream smoothly

3. Trick to cover dark circles under eye

Most of us use concealer or base cream by only dabbing under eye but this is not the right way to use it. Apply concealers in a triangular shape under eyes. This will make your face look lifted.

Trick to cover dark circles under eye

4. Drawing a perfect cupid bow

Lip color looks good when you apply it making lip shape perfectly. For a perfect cupid bow first of all draw X on your upper lip with the same shade of lip pencil as your lip color. Then apply lipstick normally and blend it evenly. You get beautiful lips.

Drawing a perfect cupid bow

5. To make curled eyelash easily

This is an easy makeup beauty hack you need to know. Warm your eyelash curler with the blow dryer when it gets warm curl your eyelash with it. It gives you long gorgeous sky high curls.

To make curled eyelash easily

6. Making smoking eyes

Make a hashtag in a slanting form on the edge of your eye then blend it with eyeliner making the outward corner of eyes. You will get smoky eyes with little struggle.

Making smoking eyes

7. Reusing dry mascara

In hot weather cosmetic products like nail polish, mascaras, eyeliners dry out. Instead of wasting it and money on new one try to reuse it by making it wet again. Saline solution is a salt solution that helps to make dry mascara-wet. Pour two to three drops of saline solution in dry mascara and your mascara is ready for reuse.

Reusing dry mascara

8. Making lip color long lasting

Lipstick is the makeup product that wipes out quickly while drinking and eating. Here is a makeup beauty hack that helps to make lip color long lasting. Apply lipstick and lay tissue paper on the lips. Then with the help of brush put translucent powder on the lips. The powder will fix the lip color and tissue will prevent direct contact of powder with lip color because the powder will enlighten the actual shade.

Making lip color long lasting

9. Make your own lip gloss

Take petroleum jelly and mix with powder color pigment to make the shade of your own choice.

Make your own lip gloss

10. Applying mascara neatly

Spoon can be used for applying mascara to avoid its mark on eyelids. Hold spoon on your eyelid and then apply mascara.
With this makeup beauty hacks, you can easily do makeup at home without spending a lot of money in parlors.

Applying mascara neatly

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